Walk in play time

$7.00 per child

for 1 hour


    Parent must fill and  sign waver form before a child can             participate in any activity at Harford Bounce Party Place

    Remove yours shoes before entering the unit  Remove       hat, glasses, and bracelets before entering the unit. No       sharp objects allowed in the unit.

    Socks are required at all time  

    Hand held infants are not permitted on the rides.

    All bouncers must slide down feet first at all times,             one at a time.

   No standing or jumping from or down slides.

    No  running We reserve the right to deny services for         misuse of equipment or safety concerns.

    No sharp objects are permitted while using inflatables;       this includes jewelry and accessories.

   Glasses should be removed before bouncing whenever         possible.

    Toddler Area is   for children ages 2 & under only
     No rough play, tumbling, flips, or other potentially             hazardous activities are permitted.

     Do not bounce against the sides, near the entrance, or     on the slide area.

     No food, drinks, gum, pets, or silly strings and no             hanging on the unit

    Exit if inflatable begins to lose air. Use exit doors and          escape hatch

    No more than two people at a time if the inflatable is a       slide.


HBPP Safety rules and policy

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